Amelia Lynch

Amelia Lynch is a dynamic ceramicist and recent graduate of the Master's program at the National Art School in Sydney. Her tactile exploration of form and surface responds to the natural environment, casting conceptual and visual links with geological phenomena such as rock erosion and stratification.

Experimentation with glazes, form and textures are a large part of her practise, and through a process of trial and error ceramic forms exploring the flora and fauna of the Australian landscape are created.  Amelia's glazes suggest the textures of eucalyptus bark, wattle flowers, concave rock pools and the reflections of water in bush creeks, and yabby exoskeletons.  Using colours that are found in the native flora and fauna of Australia, her work seeks to replicate these patterns and forms through the use of crawl, crackle and matte glazes.

Amelia is a recent graduate of the Master of Fine Art program at National Art School and has been a finalist in the Gosford Art Prize (2019, 2020).


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