Fabrizio Biviano

Australian artist Fabrizio Biviano has a preoccupation with the past and notions of spent time. Both his own and others. Drawing inspiration from the traditions Dutch still life painting, graphic design and personal experiences, he uses the objects of daily life to produce self-referential work that seeks to examine his personal investments of time, loss and consumption. Paintings often consist of the common place and mundane. Familiar objects, loosely rendered,  such as paper coffee cups, books and tourist mementos sit in contrast to a painterly almost colourless spaces. In doing so, Biviano, highlights not only the wear and tear of use, but also the time invested in those who created the wear and tear. The paintings are ultimately monuments to the past.

Biviano completed both a Bachelor of Art at Deakin University and a Master of Fine Arts from Monash University. As an art instructor by day. he maintains a tireless dedication to his craft. Biviano was in 2015 finalist in the renowned Arthur Guy Memorial Prize for Painting, the  Paul Guest Prize for Drawing in 2014 and in 2010 finalist in the Belle Arti, Chapman and Bailey Art Award. His artwork is currently collected by Artbank, Latrobe University Museum of Art and is found in private collections in Australia, USA and the UK. 

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